why use a baitcaster

Why Use a Baitcaster

If there is one thing fishermen can’t live without, it would be a fishing reel. This mechanical device is used to attach to the end handle of the fishing rod for winding and stowing line purposes.

A fishing reel comes in different types and a baitcaster is one of them. To learn why you should use a baitcaster for fishing is important for many reasons. There are misconceptions that beginners may find it hard to start it with. However, by utilizing certain techniques and presentations, baitcasting reels are quite easy to master.

Today you will learn why use a baitcaster and what benefits you can get when you do so.

Why Use a Baitcaster: Simple Definition

The presence of a revolving spool that rests atop the casting rod together with a trigger handle best defines the importance of why use a baitcaster reel. It is not like a spinning reel. A spinning reel goes beneath the spinning rod with downward facing line guides.

Baitcasters are a conventional and advanced type of reels designed for more experienced anglers. Beginners may use it with ease but it can be tricky for first-time fishermen as the spool rotates as you cast. A full season of practice is required to effectively use the tool. The reasons why use a baitcaster for catching bigger and stronger fish includes better control and accuracy due to its unparalleled strength, precision, and durability.

Why Use a Baitcaster: The Ins and Outs

Braking System

The braking system is used to regulate the spool’s rotation every time you cast. It is something like your car brakes. If you add more of it to your reel, it could provide more resistance to the spool. There are magnetic braking systems you may opt for in order to learn why use a baitcaster in different forms of fishing. It is the simplest and less expensive type which can be great for newcomers.

However, learning why use a baitcaster with this also comes with flaws. It doesn’t provide minute adjustments and casting freedom making magnetic braking systems less efficient. Adjustable centrifugal braking system can serve better if you need an amazing fishing experience as it provides specific adjustments.


The drag is part of the significance of why it’s good to use a baitcaster reel to set and regulate the tension located on the line while catching a moving fish. When you get the drag tighten, it can be harder for the bass to peel off more line. If you aim to catch a fish out of a heavy cover, get the drag turned all of the way down. Loosen the drag a bit if you’re throwing only a drop shot or anything like a lightweight presentation.

Learning why it’s important to use a baitcaster includes drag systems which serve to be different on casting reels. It is more popular among amateur and professional anglers than utilizing simple spinning reels. Spinning is easy to use but casting rods are great for more experienced fishermen. The spool of the casting reel turns while that on a spinning reel remains. The speed of the spool turning depends on how tight the drag is set.

Spool Tension Knob

The pool speed can also be adjusted through the use of the spool tension knob. Braking systems are considered to be great for larger restrictions when it comes to getting the line comes off but the spool tension knob makes the turning even finer. Beginners who tend to know why fishers should use a baitcaster should consider this mechanism to adjust the tool for different lures.

In order to get a good casting distance, adjust the knob a little tighter or looser depending on your specific bait needs. It is important to bear in mind that the weight of the feature varies. This is to help you give the perfect ratio for casting and for any fishing setup you might need.

Why Use a Baitcaster: The Advantages

Baitcasting reels have a couple of specific advantages. You’ll quickly see why use a baitcaster when you do both bass fishing and large marine fish catching.

Stronger Type

There are two major classifications of fishing reels:

  1. Spinning Reel
  2. Baitcasting Reel

Spinning works well for those anglers throwing light-weight and finesse baits. On the other hand, the aim why use a baitcaster needs experience but is considered to be far stronger, more durable and powerful as it can be used for heavier lines. It can even do prolonged fights and can combat bigger fishes.

Casting Accuracy

Baitcasting reels can cast accurately and this is one of the most impressive advantages of why use a baitcaster at all times. You may find the tool good when it comes to freshwater fishing in which you barely avoid reeds and bushes to help endangered marines preserve their lives. Whether it is for recreational fishing or not, baitcasters can precisely catch the target in different type of situations.

Distant Lure

With the motivation of why use a baitcaster, you can generally launch a lure farther than any other fishing reels. If you still wonder why use a baitcaster for adventures, consider its ability to lure at a distance. This is because its line flows directly off the spool. Unlike spinning reel, it does not move in circular motion. Baitcasting mastery might take some time but the practice is worth it when you become proficient at it.   

Durable Fishing Lines

The reasons why use a baitcaster includes the importance of line that moves directly onto the spool of the reel. A spinning reel needs line twist to pass over a roller being attached to a bail wire and to a vertically mounted spool. This method is good but it can sometimes affect the performance of the casting line. Fortunately, baitcasting reels don’t require line twist to prolonging the life of fishing lines.

Wrapping Up

Knowing why use a baitcaster instead of a spinning reel or any other fishing reels is priceless. A baitcaster has more power, better drag systems and the ability to catch anything with precision. It is designed with specific experience in mind.

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