Why is bass fishing so fun?

All kinds of fishing are fun; however, bass fishing makes an angler more thrilled than any other kind of fishing. Bass fishing is a great sport, as more and more people of all ages are beginning to recognize the fun that comes with bass fishing. Although Bass fishing does not receive the kind of coverage and attention that other sports get. I think that’s one of the reasons why people who have never experienced the fun always want to know what makes bass fishing so fun.

Compared to other types of fishing, you might be amazed to learn that the popularity of bass fishing has improved by 70 percent. In addition, in the last 25 years, the bass fishing industry has grown rapidly, going from $1 million to an industry of $5 billion. Every year, the business continues to grow.

These records may cause one to question what all the excitement is about with bass fishing that has resulted in this amount of growth in such a short period. The amount of media coverage is growing, as bass tournaments are sometimes transmitted. In addition, a lot of folks are using it as a means for vacationing, especially with Florida as one of the most popular spots. The creation of associations like Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (BASS) has helped to increase the popularity and excitement associated with bass fishing.

This sport does not require a lot of equipment or experience to do for fun. It does not need a certain number of people to participate in, like team sports for example. In addition, the cost of the device is not expensive, which open the door for almost anyone to participate, regardless of his or her level of income.

The most thrilling part of this sport is when the bass hits the bait. You get pump up; nothing is like catching bigger bass. First of all, it is difficult and requires a lot of patience. When you get a bass on the line, they will fight and you will love it just to continue catching bigger bass as you keep going fishing. It gives you a reason to be outdoors and get you out of the house.

Bass fishing is like golf; just as it is very difficult to master the game of golf. Bass are difficult to catch, you may fish all day without a bite, but sometime on your last cast you can land a nice five pounder and can?t wait for another fishing opportunity to catch something like that or perhaps a bigger one. Like the game of golf, a birdie on 18 after a bad round, always made us wants to return the next day and try again.

Last but not least, federal wildlife, game anglers, and marine sectors have instigated largemouth globally. This initiative makes bass fish a species that can be found around the world, particularly in regions like South Africa, Japan, China, and Australia, where the government has initiated programs to restore its water. The culture of competitive bass fishing has become globally competitive, these are what makes bass fishing more exciting.

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