what is a baitcasting reel

What is a Baitcasting Reel?

Baitcasting reels are popular to millions of anglers. It is a more advanced type with a flexible mechanism to fit various preferences. It is becoming an essential gear for most bass users with some practice and adjustments for those new to the sport.

There are many other types available but baitcasting reels tend to exceed them all. Well, there are many reasons that lie behind that. You will learn some of them when you know what is a baitcasting reel in a deep definition and how it works in your daily fishing needs.

Should you shy away from baitcasting or embrace its efficacy? Read on and see it for yourself!

What is a Baitcasting Reel: Broad Definition

What is a baitcasting reel is a tricky question for people who use it the first time. Baitcasting reel is one of the most used tools when it comes to modern fishing. It is a reel with revolving spool which means the line is placed in a revolving spool supported by bearings. Having this geared advantage, even a single revolution of the crank handle can result in spool multiple revolutions.

What is a baitcasting reel is also the type of reel that sits on top of a casting rod and is provided with a trigger handle so anglers will find it easy to hold. There are models suitable for people that are left or right-handed. It is important to choose what is best and gives comfort when it comes to the handles as most of them cannot be swapped out. People wondering what is a baitcasting reel but the real question is not just that.

This is because no matter where you fish, a baitcaster is always good in pinpointing accuracy. This is something anglers have ignored especially those who grew up fishing with spinning reels and do not include baitcasting in their fishing circle. The fact is that when you try to use the tool at least once, you’re going to see the difference. However, knowing what is a baitcasting reel involves more than that.

What is a Baitcasting Reel: How it Works

Baitcasting reels or the conventional reels in other term are able to provide the most direct connection to the target. As it has the line that comes straight off the spool following with all the guides, twisting or backlash is minimized.

Knowing what is a baitcasting reel has been an issue for first-timers because it has a bit complex mechanism which can gradually be learned. What makes this tool good is that it can do many fishing tasks better than other reel types. It is the standard gear commonly used in bass fighting due to its durable and long-lasting construction.

If it is your first time getting a baitcaster, you better get used to what is a baitcasting reel in deep working issues because it can be intimidating at first. What is a baitcasting reel includes proper casting? If it is something you failed at there can be problems when you cast. It is also better to get a good reel right from the very start to make sure you got a great deal that works best.

Baitcasting reels will serve really best when you spend some time getting used to it. All you have to do is to overcome the fear and understand how it really works. With it, it can help you cast, flip, pitch and jerk without hassle. It can even help in creating a big fish story.

What is a Baitcasting Reel: Setting Up

Setting up is a matter of 123 for people who are already familiar with the thing. Learning what is a baitcasting reel includes learning how to set everything up before using. Though there are different setting processes there are basic rules everyone should follow.

First and foremost, you should gather all the materials first and then you can work step by step.

Here are some of the tips worth considering.

Choose the Best Line

The type of line you select defines the kind of fishing you’d like to do. Backlashes are some common problems but people find it late to realize that this issue also depends on the kind of line material being used. Others can cause line breakage as well and tend to overrun over time.

Three Line Types


A baitcaster with Fluorocarbon type of line material is great for jig fishing. Jig fishing or jigging is the practice of catching a fish through the use of a jig. A jig is a kind of fishing lure that consist of a lead sinker which comes with a hook being molded into it. To attract fish a bit better, it is commonly covered by a soft body.


If you want to know what is a baitcaster reel, you should consider using a braid as the line material. A baitcaster filled with braids is great for buzz baits. Fishing a buzz bait is one of the funniest fishing’s you can do with friends or any other anglers you can find. It is also great for topwater chuggers and plastic frogs as well.


Monofilament is probably the most popular type of line used by anglers worldwide as it is cheap to produce yet it can be used in so many ways. This synthetic fiber is great in any kind of nylon fishing. It comes in a wide range of diameters with different tensile strengths. You can use this for topwater baits such as twitching, cranking, and the so-called Zara Spooks.

Do Proper System Adjustments

Like any other reel, getting knowledge of what is a baitcasting reel has to deal with system adjustments. It is necessary to set the tool at its best adjustments as possible to prevent system breakage. Every baitcasting reel has a different design, ability, performance, and brands but all of them won’t work without having the best system.

Different Kinds of Braking System

Centrifugal Brakes

A centrifugal brake is a system that uses small weights in order to activate the braking. It’s on the inside part of the side plate and can be accessed by simply using a dial unscrew the side or a lever since it is good in releasing the plate. Considering this brake can help you define other important things needed when it comes to knowing what it a baitcasting reel.

Magnetic Brakes

Some kind of baitcasting reel that is easy to adjust is known as magnetic brakes. It uses a dial right on the reel side plate in order to change the strength of the brake. Many other anglers choose to use this type of braking system as it is easy to learn what is a baitcasting reel while it provides the higher setting providing more braking options for your cast.

Hybrid Brakes

Getting an idea of what is a baitcasting reel includes getting used of braking systems such as hybrid brakes. It utilizes both magnetic and centrifugal brakes hence called a hybrid. Adjustments tend to be set in a little lower. This might sound cool for some anglers, it is still better to one that works best and easy for you.

Tighten the Tension Knob Extremely

When you set up the spool tension, do it in the right way. Please be reminded that everything won’t work properly if you got it wrong. This is the worst part of knowing what is a baitcasting reel. The tension knob is the thing with small dial in which it can be set up on the side plate of the gear. This part is usually used on the same side as the drag star and the handle. Hold the rod and reel then tighten the knob extremely for strong lure use.

Set the Drag System

Knowing what is a baitcasting reel has to do big with setting up the drag system. There is no effective fishing reel you can find it anywhere if the drag settings are being ignored. Turn the drag forward to make it set properly. Make sure to do this in an average tightness. The drag makes up the baitcasting reel. Without it, it is impossible to use the gear for the better.

Step by Step Process

It is moderately easy to set up a baitcasting reel. When you already have all the materials (such as baitcasting rod and reel, line, casting lure and spring scale), you can follow the following steps.

  1. Mount the reel securely to the rod. Make sure everything has no damages and well set.
  2. Spool the reel. Get your new line compatible with this.
  3. Attach the lure to the line. You can set the centrifugal brake or any other brake of your choice. The lure should travel slowly when done.
  4. Make some adjustments with the drag. All you have to do is to turn it in a clockwise direction to tighten it.  
  5. Practice casting. This is to check the answer for what is a baitcasting reel question when it comes to its performance.

What is a Baitcasting Reel: Conclusion

Knowing what is a baitcasting reel has a really broad definition. Don’t be afraid to familiarize this gear even others claim it to be hard to get used to.

What matters most is an extraordinary casting experience and this is something anglers have to live for life.

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