types of fishing

Types of Fishing

If you are a fishing enthusiast, you can choose from different types of fishing techniques. There are different fishing methods, and they are determined by factors such as the region, habitat, and skill level. For example, while some people like fishing during the day, others prefer night fishing.

Anglers should know the advantages and disadvantages of different types of fishing techniques. When you are fishing in saltwater, you may like the advantages of net techniques. And when you are fishing in freshwater, you may prefer hand-gathering techniques.  In this post, we will focus on different types of fishing.

Types of fishing techniques

If you know different types of fishing, you will be equipped with the knowledge of fishing techniques, and therefore enjoy your fishing trips. All anglers should have this knowledge. Here are the most common types:


Noodling, trout tickling, flounder trampling and pearl diving are some hand-gathering techniques of fishing. These methods require you to gather fish by using your hand. Using these methods, people catch fish species such as scallops, oysters, crabs, sea urchins and clams.  


You can do Spearfishing from land, but people commonly dive to perform these types of fishing. Tridents, spears and pike poles are sometimes used to catch fish and pierce through them.

Net techniques

This is one of the most common types of fishing. Many people use fishing nets to trap fish. Anglers sometimes employ net techniques to catch large schools of fish. This technique is also used to catch big game fish.


Fish wheels, fishing weirs and lobster traps fall in this category of fishing. This method basically works by tempting the fish to enter an opening. Later, the fish can not get out of the trap. In these types of fishing, a person does not actively catch fish.


Recreational fishermen like angling, a traditional method of fishing. You need a rod, hook and line to catch fish in this method. A hook is attached to a line, and the line is attached to a rod.  You simply have to angle a fish with the hook.

Fishing with animals

Sometimes, trained animals such as birds or dogs can help you catch fish. In the past, fishing with animals was a common practice. But in many places, this fishing technique is still utilized. This practice is not completely non-existing in modern times.

There are some other types of fishing including dredging, shrimp baiting and electrofishing.  There are some fishermen who use light attractors, fish finders and other fish aggregating devices.

Saltwater fishing techniques

Fishing enthusiasts may find some saltwater fishing environments a bit intimidating. Dealing with the vastness and complexities of the ocean can be a little bit daunting for you. However, it is a good idea for fishing enthusiasts to start with shore fishing, because it is far less challenging than other types of fishing in saltwater.

Shore fishing

Techniques used for shore-fishing include Spearfishing, hand-gathering, surf-fishing and fly fishing. You do not have to worry about support because the land provides you with support. Shore fishing is one of the most common types so fishing.

Ocean fishing

To fish in oceans, you have to use boats. From a boat, you can use both net and angling techniques. But if you are interested in ocean fishing, you have to be ready to deal with high tides and predatory fish. This is one of the most common types of fishing in the world.

Deep sea fishing

The techniques of deep sea fishing include diving to catch fish that live in the ocean depths. Hand-gathering and Spearfishing are the most commonly used techniques of deep sea fishing. This is one of the types of fishing that require deep engagement of fishing enthusiasts.

Freshwater fishing techniques

When it comes to freshwater fishing, there are several types of fishing. For freshwater fishing, you need to go the lakes, rivers and other natural habitats of fish. There are many types of fishing in freshwater, but here are the most common types:

Lake fishing

You can find large freshwater fish in lakes and reservoirs. Species such as catfish, bass and tilapia can be found there. In addition, you can fish from a boat or from a bank. This is among the most common types of fishing.  If you are an angler and you fish from land, you can easily employ fishing techniques such as Spearfishing and hand-gathering.

River fishing

There are many freshwater fish species in rivers, but in most cases, these species stay a bit far from the shore. They can be found inside holes or riffles. Fishing enthusiasts are often advised to use a boat so that they can catch fish successfully. However, river fishing is one of the most popular types of fishing.

Pond fishing

Compared to reservoirs or lakes, ponds have more contained environments. That is why monitoring the fish population in a pond is easier. You can easily employ techniques such as hand-gathering, angling, and Spearfishing. Pond fishing is one of the easiest types of fishing, and when fishing in a pond, you do not need to worry about freshwater predators.

Stream fishing

Small rivers and streams are the habitats of many fish species. You can easily employ different angling techniques in a stream. But due to current, fishing is more challenging in a stream.

Different purposes of fishing

According to the intentions of a fisherman, the purposes of fishing may vary. In most cases, anglers fish for sport, recreational or commercial purposes. Below we are going to discuss different purposes of fishing.

Recreational fishing

This is one of the most common types of fishing. If an angler is fishing for recreational purposes, he or she may release a fish after catching it. For a recreational angler, fishing is just a form of entertainment. In other words, a recreational angler does not fish for any reward or profit.

Fishing for competitions

Some fishing enthusiasts fish just to beat others in a competition and earn a reward. To participate in such a competition, you need to have knowledge in the advanced types of fishing. You may need to use advanced fishing line types. For instance, if you want to catch muskellunge, you have to use a sturdy braided line.

Commercial fishing

Commercial anglers have to catch a large number of fish, and for this reason they have to employ advanced fishing methods. Moreover, they have to store the fish properly to make a profit. Licenses required to fish commercially are issued by the state.

Types of fishing for sport

When people fish for sport, they do not use highly advanced fishing methods. In this case, the main goal is to have fun. Here are the most common types of fishing for recreation.


Fishing enthusiasts who do it for recreation mostly rely on angling. For angling, you need to have fishing gear that may include fishing line, hook, reel, and a rod. This is a very easy method, and that is part of the reason why children and beginners prefer angling to other types of fishing.


You do not need any equipment to employ this method of fishing. This fishing technique is not only affordable but also casual. Pearl-diving, trout tickling, Noodling and flounder tramping are some common hand-gathering methods. This is one of the types of fishing that can give you a lot of pleasure.

Fishing with animals

Recreational fishing is all about having fun, and you can do it in a number of ways. Your dog or bird can sometimes assist you in recreational fishing. But if you want to fish with your pet, you have to train your pet extensively. This is among the highly enjoyable types of fishing.

Easy-to-catch fish for beginners

You can use baits and lures to catch some species of fish easily. Here is a brief list of fishes that beginners find pretty easy to catch.

  • Catfish – Although there are some large species of catfish, they are pretty easy to catch. Kids and beginners do not have any difficulty with catfish. With a scavenger nature, catfish like to pursue anything that moves. So, you can easily use baits to lure them. There are many types of fishing techniques that can be employed to catch catfish.
  • Bass – You can find bass both in freshwater and saltwater habitats. Different types of fishing techniques can be used to fish for bass. You can use various baits to entice largemouth bass. Most fishermen find them pretty easy to catch.
  • Sunfish – Sunfish can be found in freshwater habitats, and they are pretty easy to catch. You can easily handle sunfish. On an average, sunfish are only 12 inches in size. You can use different types of fishing techniques, and almost any kind of bait.
  • Crappie – Crappies usually live with other species of fish, and that is part of the reason beginners find them easy to catch. Crappies also indicate that there are other species in the spot. You can use different types of fishing techniques to catch crappies.

Fish that are hard to catch

There are some expert anglers who are no longer interested in catching catfish, bass, sunfish or crappies. Those anglers want to catch fish that are hard to catch. Here are some species of fish considered pretty hard to catch.

  • Blue marlin – Even an expert angler finds it very hard to catch a blue marlin. These fish are strong, and they can swim fast. Moreover, it is hard to find blue marlins because they inhabit deep oceans. You will find it hard to catch them even if you know different types of fishing techniques.
  • Bonefish – Bonefish are sensitive to sounds, and that is part of the reason why they are so hard to catch. When these fish hear voices, bangs and splashes, they quickly swim away. But you have some chances if you know different types of fishing methods. So, if you want to catch bonefish, you need to be still and silent.
  • Muskellunge – This fish is also known as musky. This large fish averages six feet and 66 pounds. Due to its large size, this fish can easily break lines. They can easily hide, and that is part of the reason why they are so hard to spot. Even if you are skilled in different types of fishing techniques, you will find it hard to catch muskellunge.

Types of fishing at night

Many anglers like fishing at night, because there are some advantages. There are some species of fish that feed during night. For instance, you will find it pretty easy to catch walleye at night. However, night fishing depends on a lot of factors. Below we are going to outline some common types of night fishing.

  • River bank fishing – If you are interested in night fishing, you can try river bank fishing. When freshwater fish are feeding, you can attempt to catch them. For instance, night is a good time to catch a walleye, because this fish do not like sunlight. River bank fishing is one of the simplest types of fishing techniques.
  • Ice fishing – Due to low light, fishing is really advantageous during nocturnal times. It is also advantageous due to low temperatures. So ice fishing, when it is done at night, is an amazing experience for anglers. When it comes to the types of fishing, ice fishing is one of the most amazing types.
  • River fishing – Anglers sometimes fish in the middle of a river. If you are interested in river fishing, you need a boat. At night, river fishing is optimal for anglers who are interested in catching some walleyes.

Some cheap ways to fish

There are some types of fishing that require almost no equipment. They are some great ways to fish for those who do not want to invest in these activities. If budget-friendly fishing is your goal, here are a few types of fishing you can try.


It is obvious that you will not have to spend money if you catch fish by hand. When it comes to hand-gathering, you do not need to invest in any equipment. But, in most cases, you need extensive training.


This is an inexpensive technique of fishing. You can use wood to make a simple spear and use it. From a store, you can also purchase a ready-made spear. But you will need some diving equipment if you need to see thing under water.

As a result, compared to other methods, Spearfishing can be a bit costly. However, it is one of the most well-known types of fishing.

Fishing with animals

The process of training an animal is not expensive at all. You can easily train a bird or a dog to catch fish. This is one of the most interesting types of fishing. But you will have to spend a lot of time to train an animal. There are many fishermen out there who train their animals.

Destructive fishing

There are some types of fishing that are destructive, and they contaminate natural habitats. Not only anglers but also swimmers are affected by these types of fishing. Below we are going to focus on some of them.

  • Ghost fishing – When you lose or abandon nets at sea, the nets continue to entangle fish. It causes the deaths of many other species. Known as ghost fishing, this is among the most destructive types of fishing.
  • Bottom trawling – This fishing technique is destructive. Some fishermen use large nets and drag them with boats. Along the way, these nets destroy coral reefs and kill fish. This is among the types of fishing that cause a lot of destruction.
  • Overfishing – There are some endangered species of fish, and anglers must avoid catching them. Due to Overfishing, many species are faced with the threat of destruction. As an angler, Overfishing is one of the worst things you can do.

It is not important for fishing enthusiasts to know the ins and outs of all types of fishing. But knowing a bit about different types of fishing is a good thing. We hope you have found this post helpful.


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