Why people are passionate about Fishing

Fishing is one activity that many people are intensely passionate about. There is not just a single reason people become passionate about fishing–if you ask one hundred people why they are passionate about fishing, you would get one hundred different answers. Fishing is a very personal endeavor, everyone has their own reasons for their passion. This individuality allows for an enormous variety of people to partake in the pass time. These people have explanations that run the gamut from because it’s relaxing to the competition of attempting to land the biggest fish?and everything in between.

Many people find fishing to be an incredibly relaxing activity. They enjoy spending time in nature, outside the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. They see fishing as a way to escape the daily grind. The sights and the sounds of nature can be very soothing, and the solitude allows you to focus on only you and the fish. Some people also enjoy the ease of fishing?you can make it as easy or complicated as you would like. You can use a basic rod and reel, or you can spend thousands of dollars on top shelf equipment. You can spend a relaxing day at the lake, just casting your line and gently reeling it in?or you can spend a day on a boat. You can sit on a row boat, beer in hand?or you can take a boat into the ocean and fight the waves. This degree of freedom can be relaxing for many people.

Other people are passionate about the competitive side of fishing. They aren’t there to have a relaxing day, they want to land the largest possible fish. They want to see their names in the record books. They will spend thousands of dollar to get the best gear, do tons of research to find the best spots. They will do everything in their power to be the best fisherman they know. They get joy out of determining which lure will be the best to use in order to catch the most, or largest, fish in a specific area. They enjoy the research needed to find the perfect spot to catch those fish. They enjoy the feeling of knowing you were the best.

Still others see it as an exercise in self-reliance, they want to have the ability to find, clean, and cook their own food. They fish because it allows them to eat a meal that they made. They didn’t go to the store to buy meat, they caught, killed, cleaned, and cooked that meat all by themselves. The idea that you could feed yourself without needing society’s help can be a powerful motivator. They want to know they could provide for their family, even if they lose access to grocery stores and electricity.

No matter what reasons a person has for being passionate about fishing, the fact remains that fishing generates a passion reserved for few other activities. Every person has their own explanation for why they are so passionate about fishing. Fishing stands out from many other activities due to it’s ability to be so many different things to so many different people. Other, more static, activities don’t create the same passion. Whether you are someone who is incredibly competitive, someone who just wants to relax, or even someone who is hoping to learn some self-reliance?you could acquire a newfound passion in fishing.

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