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fishing trip checklist

Fishing Trip Checklist

On the outside, fishing may look like a simple sport. But fishermen know how complex the activities are. If you are thinking about a fishing trip, you have to take a lot of things with you. Even if you do not want to make it fancy, there are some essential […]

spinning reel vs baitcasting reel

Spinning Reel Vs Baitcasting Reel

There is a competition in the fishing world: spinning reel vs baitcasting reel. While some anglers say that spinning reels are better because of their versatility, others advocate baitcasting reels. To make an informed decision, you must know the difference between these two types of reels. It is true that […]

freshwater fishing for beginners

Freshwater Fishing for Beginners

For many good reasons, fishing has become an integral part of mankind’s pastime. Regardless of the level of experience and social background, people are interested in fishing. But most people lack specialized knowledge of fishing. In this post, we will provide some great tips on freshwater fishing for beginners. Learn […]

how to cast a baitcaster without backlash

How to Cast a Baitcaster Without Backlash

When using a baitcasting reel, backlash happens especially when the lure shows down after casting. If the lure is heavy, it will typically pull the line faster than you can stop it. The same thing could happen if you are trying to make a long distance cast but the lure […]