How to Use a Baitcaster

How to Use a Baitcaster ? Guide

A lot of beginners who step down into fishing, either for thrill or food, usually turn their heads towards the traditional spinning gear. However, with time as progress paves in a way, it becomes easy to undergo the same through a baitcaster. Now the first question that might be jumping across your head is about How to use a baitcaster? Right? While this equipment is quite more complicated than your traditional spinning reels, but they are still, the most versatile piece of any equipment. The technology helps you to cast it real quickly than the spinning one.

Step by step on How to use a baitcaster

1)    Reel in line- firstly-  you have to reel the line in till your bait is around 6 to 12 inches away from the tip of the rod. If you get a sinker or a bobber attached with the line, then make sure that it should be around 6 to 12 inches from the tip of your rod instead.

2)    Hold on the reel properly-  you have to grip the rod behind your reel through the thumb which must be resting over the reel spool. In the process you How to use a baitcaster, you should know that they are designed just the way your spin casting rods are. Here, if you plan to hold the rod from behind your reel then you have to switch hands when you cast it.

3)    Now turn the rod so that the handles of reel point up-  just like spin casting gear, here you will use your wrist at the time of casting. When you cast through your opposite hand then the handles should be pointing downwards.

4)    Now press reel spoon?s release button-  people who are confused about, How to use a baitcaster, a fact is that cheap baitcasters have been in the business since 1970s. Thus they all have their release buttons set differently. Nowadays, the release bar is generally seen behind the spool, so you should press it with your thumb while you rest it upon the reel spool.

5)    Now bend your arm for casting-  now you should bend your arm at the elbow, so as to ensure that the crook of the arm approaches a single angle. When you do this, raise the rod till the time its tip gets slightly past vertical. This is the exact position to send the line out.

6)    Sweep this rod forward till it reaches the eye level-  while understanding How to use a baitcaster, this can be considered as 30 degrees above the horizontal, or you can say the 10’o clock position. When you do it, lift the thumb off your reel spool quite enough so the weight of the bait pulls the line off the spool when it is propelled downwards toward the target.

7)    Now press down the reel spool by your thumb when to stop your bait-  as soon as you feel that the target is trapped, you must press the button so as to catch it and bring it out of the water.

These were the simple steps that can clear your doubt on How to use a baitcaster!

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