How to Spool a Reel

How to Spool a Reel?

Planning a day out for fishing? Nothing compares to the joy of your first catch. But there are a lot of things involved which makes fishing not-so-easy task. The first thing you need to learn is how to spool a reel if you don?t know that already.

This article will give you a basic idea about baitcaster fishing reels and a step-by-step guide on how to spool a reel.

Fishing is a fun activity for some people and a way of living for others. There can be a different type of fishing techniques. Fishing with baitcaster rod and reel is one type whereas Tenkara and cane pole fishing are the ones which do not require a reel at all.  So which one should you choose? Well, ideally baitcaster would be a better choice as they are good fishing reels to target the fish at a far distance since many fish shy away from coming closer. Baitcasting reels can seem a bit challenging especially for the beginners to learn how to spool a reel. But the spooling and casting techniques can be easily mastered with a little practise.

The baitcasting fishing reels have a revolving reel on positioned on top of the casting rod. Do not confuse those spinning reels. They have the reel hanging downwards instead. Before you learn is how to spool a reel, know the important parts of a baitcaster reel.

  • Spool release button- situated in the inner part of the reel. Press it down to release the spool. Also called line release.
  • Drag- situated at the side of the reel. In case of star drags, one needs to rotate it anticlockwise to ease the tension on the spool and clockwise to increase Spool tension.
  • Knob- a small wheel situated below the drag. It is used to adjust the pressure on the spool.
  • Guide/eye- rings present on the rod, through which the thread goes. A line guide is also present on the reel.

Now how to spool a reel?

  1. Tie a uni-knot around the reel followed by double overhand knots.
  2. Get someone to hold the spool for you. The line should come off from the top to avoid any line twist.
  3. Do this until you fill 1/8th of the reel. Do not go beyond that.

That?s it! You have learned how to spool a reel.

Not everyone gets it right on the first attempt and you might end up damaging the reel, so for starting out, just look for cheap bait casters.

There can be 4 types of line for your baitcaster. They are fluorocarbon, monofilament, braided and fusion. Choose the best line for baitcaster to avoid backlashes and resistant to abrasions.

So now that you know the basics of baitcaster and how to spool a reel, plan it on a sunny day and enjoy your fishing experience.

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