fishing trip checklist

Fishing Trip Checklist

On the outside, fishing may look like a simple sport. But fishermen know how complex the activities are. If you are thinking about a fishing trip, you have to take a lot of things with you.

Even if you do not want to make it fancy, there are some essential things you must not forget. In this post, we will provide a fishing trip checklist that will remind you what things you need to bring when you are heading out on the water.

Do your homework

To make a comprehensive fishing trip checklist, careful planning is necessary. It is a good idea to spend some time to do your own research. To learn more about fishing itself, visit popular fishing spots and attend fishing forums. They will teach you a lot of important things.

Make sure you know where the local bait shops are located. Baits are important items of your fishing trip checklist, and these shops will help you choose the right baits.

Go to the fishing spot and see if there are campsites near the fishing spots. In some cases, you may need to rent the camping equipment. Before we dive into the details of a fishing trip checklist, it is important to consider these things.

Personal items

There are some items that will keep you comfortable during the trip. They are personal items. Here is a list of personal items you should not forget to bring.

First aid kit

Whether you are having a solo trip or you are with a group, you should pack a first aid kit. Make sure you pack bandages, band aids, ointment and other things.

If you are not careful, you may get injured by a rock, fish spine, a hook, or something else. You should be prepared for an injury. Accidents may happen any time, and that is why a first aid kit should be the first item in a fishing trip checklist.

Sun block

If you are fishing on a sunny day, make sure you bring the sunblock. You can easily find sunblock that is water resistant and broad-spectrum. SPF should be at least 30. In your tackle box, keep a small bottle. You will need the sunblock several times in your trip.

Bug repellant

Bug repellant is another essential item in your fishing trip checklist. Once you have arrived at the spot, bugs can give you a toxic experience. If you have some bug repellant, you can repel bugs gnats and mosquitoes. If you do not take precautionary measures, bugs may ruin your trip.


Water will reflect the sun, and you will be exposed to more heat and light. To protect your eyes from the glaring sunlight, you can wear sunglasses. Sunglasses should be another item in your fishing trip checklist.

Make sure you buy high-quality sunglasses. Many people skip this item and later face problems. A fishing trip checklist is incomplete without sunglasses.


You will have thirst while fishing and you can do yourself a favor by simply bringing some water with you. When you are making a fishing trip checklist, include water.

Make sure you bring a large bottle that can contain several liters of water. If you have to deal with dehydration, you will not enjoy your fishing trip. Water should be an inseparable part of a fishing trip checklist.

Body wash, shampoo and mouthwash

These are some of the most important items on your fishing trip checklist. But, before you purchase these items, we have a tip for you: you will have to spend less if you fill some small containers with shampoo, body wash and mouthwash. If you purchase travel size containers, you will end up spending more.

Fishing mask

If you are fishing on a sunny day, you must bring a fishing mask. It will protect your face from the sun. This is another important item in a fishing trip checklist. You can easily find some comfortable, lightweight fishing masks on the market. Almost all experienced anglers bring fishing masks.

Documents and money

When you are traveling, it is important to bring documents. Make sure you have a dry and secure place in which you can carry the documents. A fishing trip checklist is incomplete without adding necessary documents. If you are going to fish in another country, make sure you bring your passport with visa.  

Cold climates

If you are fishing in cold climates, you should bring some high-quality outerwear. To help you make an informed decision, here is a list of things you must add to your fishing trip checklist. :

Quality rain gear

If the climate is cold, you should invest in a high-quality gear, not just a jacket. Make sure you pack gloves, hats, footwear and waterproof pants. They will keep you dry. If you are going to fish in cold climates, a fishing trip checklist is incomplete without these items. During a hike, you will have a bad experience if you get soaked.

Layering pieces

When it comes to ice fishing, layering up is of utmost importance. There are different types of polar fleece in the market. They come in different thicknesses or weights. In winter, a fishing trip checklist can not be imagined without these things. You should carry at least a fleece pullover and a pair of sweatpants.

Socks and undergarments

When you are making a fishing trip checklist, include some underwear and extra socks. There is a risk of getting soaked even if you have waterproof outerwear. If you are planning to stay outside for extended periods, you should take necessary precautionary measures.

You will stay warm if you have some synthetic and woolen materials. It is also a good idea to pack a spare set because you may need to swim.

Heavy jackets

If the climate is extremely cold, you must pack a synthetic or down jacket. To deal with a cold snap, a jacket is a must. Make sure you include it in your fishing trip checklist. Even if the weather is temperate, a jacket can be a lifesaver.

Warm climates

There are many things to consider even if you are fishing in warm climates. Many anglers overlook this fact, thinking that they will be just fine with T-shirts and pants. If you have to spend several days under the scorching sun, you must take some precautionary measures.

Sun-protective clothing

If you fish in warm climates, you will often have to spend long days under the sun. In that case, you will often have to deal with dehydration, exhaustion and burns. That is why you should add sun-protective clothing to your fishing trip checklist.

Choose long-sleeved shirts that protect your skin from the sun. Pack a pair of synthetic pants, because they do not take much time to dry.

Water shoes

You may need to wade in rivers, lakes or the ocean. To protect your feel from rocks and other objects, you should wear a pair of water shoes. Make sure you include them in the fishing trip checklist. But if you are using a boat, you do not necessarily need to wear water shoes.

Sun-protective hat

If you wear a hat, it will protect your neck, face and ears. You will also find it easier to spot fish under the water. This is another important item in your fishing trip checklist. Make sure you use a full-brimmed hat. A baseball-style cap can be a good option too.

Rain jacket

During your fishing trip, there can be downpours or sudden storms. In tropical fishing destinations, these are very common. That is why you should add a rain jacket to your fishing trip checklist. For an angler, a rain jacket can be very helpful.


If you spend a day under the scorching sun without covering your hands, you may have to deal with severe burns. There is an inexpensive solution: just invest in a pair of sun gloves. Do not forget to include them in your fishing trip checklist. During an extended trip, they will save your skin.

Equipment and tackle

It is you who will have to decide what equipment to bring, but there are some common items that anglers add to a fishing trip checklist. You may need many things, but always focus on the essential. Here is a list of equipment and tackle you should consider packing.

Waders and boots

Waders and boots can be useful, but here is a point: if they are not necessary, do not use them. These items are heavy, and they take up so much space. If you must pack them, make sure you choose a lightweight and inexpensive set. Store them in a hefty bag. Depending on the type of your trip, they can be essential items in your fishing trip checklist.

Light pack

Prior to your trip, fill your travel pack with essential flies, lures and terminal tackle. Some good options are sling packs, chest packs and small backpacks. If you do not include them in your fishing trip checklist, you may have to deal with some issues during your fishing trip.

Flies, lures and terminal tackle

Your local tackle shop can give you valuable advice on what flies, lures and techniques will work for you. Before you add particular items to your fishing trip checklist, make sure you contact your local tackle shop. With their experience, they can help you make informed decisions.

Interior dividers

Sometimes you will have issues with organizing your personal items in your bag. In that case, an interior divider can be very helpful. When it comes to a fishing trip checklist, this is an important thing to consider. If you are flying, make sure you pack the essential items in a bag.

Portable camera

It is a good idea to add a waterproof camera when you are making a fishing trip checklist. Make sure you bring an extra memory card. The camera will help you preserve memories. You should also bring cords, chargers and cables. If you catch a big fish, you may want to take a photo.

Fishing accessories

It is of utmost importance to keep your gear organized, so that you can use them easily. Your fishing success greatly depends on how you organize your fishing gear. Bring some fishing boxes that easily fit into your boat bag.

Besides the lures, you should also bring heavy-duty rings, split pliers, replacement hooks. Your fishing trip checklist is incomplete without these items.

Polarized sunglasses

If you are fishing under the scorching sun, you should wear polarized sunglasses. They will protect your eyes, and you will clearly see your fly. They will also help you spot underwater structure. Polarized sunglasses should be an important part of your fishing trip checklist.

Things to consider

We have mentioned the items that should be included in a fishing trip checklist. Besides these items, there are many other things to consider. We are going to focus on those things.

Luggage selection

Your fishing trip will be more enjoyable if you choose the right items. When it comes to a fishing trip checklist, luggage is a very important item. Choose a duffel bag and make sure it is soft. The bag should not be bigger than 30 inches. Lightweight bags are easy to carry.

You can enjoy greater flexibility if you use a duffel bag. You will find it easy to handle these bags when you are traveling. If you choose a carry-on bag, make sure it has shoulder strap. The bag should also fit airline size restrictions if you are flying to your destination.

Baggage organization

Once you have brought the items included in your fishing trip checklist, you have to know the right way to organize your baggage. Air travel security regulations can help you in this regard.

You will have carry-on bags and checked in bags. Depending on aircraft, your baggage limit is 44 or 33 pound, and your checked in baggage will constitute the weight.

In this bag, you will have to keep your hooks, knives and sharp items. These are some essential items for your fishing trip checklist. For your bulky gear and clothing, use this bag.

If you have to bring your own rods, bring pack rods. These rods will simplify your packing. They will also significantly reduce the weight of your luggage.

Pack the rods inside the bag, and make sure you keep some clothing to cushion the rods. If you have a partner with you, you can share some item with him or her.

In your carry-on bag, keep your reading material, camera equipment, medicines and other small items. Your fishing trip checklist is incomplete without these items. Pack some personal items such as underwear and other items. As a part of your carry-on baggage, you can pack a small with two rods.

Keep in mind:

  • Packing needs will change if you have planned other activities such as camping and paddling besides fishing. Consider food, communication, shelter and safety. A fishing trip checklist can not be imagined without these things.
  • Many factors will determine what gear you should bring. Terrain, climate, game fish sought, and water conditions are some of the variables. Your fishing trip checklist will depend on these variables.
  • You can consider purchasing a few books about fishing. Although first hand experience is better than reading, you can consider contacting your local bookstore. For some anglers, books are an important item in a fishing trip checklist.
  • After each trip, you should refine your gear list. You will not need the same things every time. A fishing trip checklist is not unchangeable. The checklist may change depending on the situations.
  • Before each trip, make sure you service your equipment. Your trip will no longer be enjoyable if you have bad equipment.

Make sure you enjoy every part of your trip. Do not make it a chore. Fishing is all about enjoyment, and having fun should be your number one priority. If you treat is as an adventure, you will enjoy every part of the trip. We hope you will find this fishing trip checklist enjoyable. Have fun.


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