What Is The Best Best Fishing Tackle Boxes in 2020?

Even the most casual fishing fan and angler understands the importance of having a quality tackle box close at hand.You never know exactly what the fish are going to be biting that day – live bait, lures, flies, etc. – and you want to be sure that you’re as prepared as possible to take fish safely, responsibly, and (most importantly) effectively.

On top of that, a lot more goes into landing dream catches than just having a bit of extra bait nearby. You’ll want to make sure you have plenty of bobbers, sinkers, and extra real or two, all the hooks you can imagine (plenty of different sizes), a pair of cutters and flyers, decent set of sunglasses, suntan lotion and insect repellent, a bit of first aid gear – and that’s just the beginning!

Best Fishing Tackle Boxes in 2020

Keeping all of this organized and readily accessible is a big piece of the puzzle if you want to get out to your favorite spot and toss a line in the water. When your tackle box is messy, unorganized, or difficult to use effectively you are going to have a horrible time out on the water. When your tackle box is dialed in, though, everything “just sort of works”.

Below we cover our favorite fishing tackle box options on the market today, options that separate themselves from the rest of the pack significantly. These are the kinds of tackle boxes that will change the way you fish from here on out!

Our 10 Top Tackle Boxes Picks

  1. Elkton Outdoors Rolling Tackle Box
  2. Plano PLAB36700 KVD Signature Series 3600
  3. Wild River by CLC, Custom Leathercraft WT3604
  4. Plano Angled Tackle System
  5. Plano 6134-03 Large 3-Tray with Top Access Tackle Box
  6. Wild River by CLC Custom Leathercraft WT3702
  7. Wakeman Fishing
  8. Okuma Fishing Nomad Tackle
  9. Berkley Fishing Tackle Bag
  10. Flambeau Outdoor Tackle Station

What to Look for in a Tackle Box

But before we get into the meat and potatoes of our best fishing tackle box reviews it’s important to cover a couple of important factors that can make or break the effectiveness of this gear.


For starters, you’re going to want to find a tackle box that is plenty large enough to have everything you need to fish effectively on hand without having to drag a piano into the woods or down to the shoreline.

Some folks are going to be able to get away with soft tackle boxes that only have a handful of lures and lines and maybe a couple of essential tools tucked away (like those that are going to be fishing blue lines for some native brook trout), but others are going to need something a bit bigger and something a little more robust.

At the end of the day, make sure you are picking a tackle box that is appropriately sized for the type of tackle you’ll need on hand.


Storage space needs to be properly organized – and you need plenty of it – if you are going to be able to use your tackle box effectively.

Look for tackle boxes that have a couple of different options for storage and organization, giving you the ability to flexibly adjust, adapt, and modify the configuration until you get the results you are looking for. This is a huge piece of the puzzle in finding the best fishing tackle box options available today, and you really want to feel like you have total control over your tackle box set up from top to bottom.

Build Quality

At the end of the day, you have to make sure that the tackle box you have purchased is made out of high quality construction materials, has water resistance (if not flat-out waterproof) properties, and is going to be able to withstand years and years of use going forward.

The last thing you want to have happen is for your tackle box to fall apart as soon as you get out into the woods or down to the shoreline.

Our Ten Favorite Fishing Tackle Box Options

Easily one of the most popular soft/hard tackle box hybrid options money can buy right now, and a real dream for folks that like to fish off of the shore or a pier somewhere, the fact that this amazing little tackle box also comes with pretty reliable wheels and a helpful handle to zoom around makes it a game changer.

Built to look a lot like a rolling piece of carry-on luggage, but with plenty of room on the outside to hold up to four fishing reels at once, the internal storage options that you’ll be able to take advantage of with this fishing tackle box are off the charts.

Multiple levels of reconfigurable tackle trays are easy to configure in any way you want, helping you to organize your lines, your bait, your lures, and all of the other fishing equipment you want to have on and.

All in all, this set up can accommodate up to 26.5 pounds of equipment. You wouldn’t want to throw this over your shoulder and hike into a tiny little stream all that often, but if you can roll this down to your fishing spot it’s a must-have kind of accessory.

Another sort of hybrid tackle box option on the market today that is really popular (especially with folks that like to fish out of a boat), the bottom half of this tackle box looks like a soft sided bag (though it has a hard tackle box inside) with plenty of pouches for accessories and tools that you can keep close at hand.

The top half of this tackle box is a dedicated hard side tackle box, giving you easy access to all the lures and bait you need as well as your sinkers, bobbers, and the like. Both tackle box spaces work in conjunction with one another as well as independently, really helping you to maximize the configuration you feel most comfortable with moving forward.

This backpack style tackle box is a game changer for those that want to hike into some far-flung, blue line streams and rivers that aren’t going to be hit all that often by other fishermen.

It looks a lot like the kind of backpack you might find issued to members of the US military, with plenty of hooks, loops, and straps available for you to hang other pieces of gear and accessories off of as well.

Inside there is an almost infinite amount of space or hard sided tackle box systems to be slid into (four are included) which you’ll find immediately useful when you want to configure things to your hearts content.

This is the kind of tackle box system you’ll probably want to keep in your truck or in your vehicle, you really smartly designed utility box style system that has room and configurable storage for most any piece of tackle you might want to bring with you – as long as you don’t have to lug down to the water, anyway.

Made out of superstrong synthetic and poly carbonate materials (and as close to waterproof as you are going to find these days), the whole system has been set up to rapidly access all of the gear you need in a hurry.

Very affordable, very easy to set up and reconfigure, and with transparent materials so that you know at a glance what you are reaching for, this is a good “base camp” style tackle box when you can fish close to your vehicle or have space to set it up.

About as simple, straightforward, and as basic a tackle box as you are going to find on the market today this is probably the most popular “starter design” in the world of fishing.

Open up this tackle box (which looks a lot like a toolbox) and you’ll be presented with three individual trays that you can use to organize your tackle set up. It’s basic to be sure, but definitely highly functional.

There is plenty of room, plenty of dividers, and plenty of dedicated storage space is available for all of the tackle you need to fish, and you’ll find the entire system to be super lightweight, very durable, and about as inexpensive an option as it gets.

If you have a lot more cash to splash on a high-end tackle box this is where you’re going to want to focus your budget.

Well-designed for beginners and more veteran anglers as well, you’ll have a nearly unlimited amount of storage options to pick and choose from with this hybrid tackle box set up.

Five individual transparent plastic storage trays (complete with dividers and locking latches) help you to organize the bulk of your tackle, and all of them slide into the soft sided bag of this “bucket style” unit.

A number of soft pouches on both sides (and the top) of this tackle set up make it even more configurable, and the handle is comfortable to use and makes transporting this set up pretty straightforward. The inclusion of an LED light built into the handle is pretty nifty, too.

Another somewhat basic tackle box (though it is a little more robust than the traditional three drawer option we highlighted a moment ago), this is your typical tried and true “toolbox” style set up with a couple of neat additions.

Small and compact, but with plenty of extensibility thanks to the built-in “tackle tray” pockets on the top of the case, the other cool feature here is the inclusion of tool punch outs along the perimeter of the box to give you even more space than you would have had otherwise.

Affordable, accessible, and customizable there is a lot to like with this box for sure.

Another rollaway style, trolley tackle box that is pretty simple and straightforward to use this particular option isn’t quite as high-end as the very first tackle box we reviewed above – but it’s more affordable, more accessible, and some considered to be even easier to take advantage of.

Made out of high strength polyester materials and completely coded from top to bottom with PVC waterproofing materials, there’s room enough for five individual tackle trays (transparent options included) and tubes on the outside of this tackle box for four poles as well.

You couldn’t be blamed for thinking that this soft sided tackle box was a cooler (that’s what it looks like), but once you zip open the top pocket and have a look at all of the tackle customization options inside you’ll find out pretty quickly that it’s a versatile, flexible, and adaptable set up for those that want light carry options.

Two individual tackle trays (with padding) slide inside of the soft sided carrying set up, giving you room enough to organize your lines, your sinkers, your lures, and your bait while still providing extra room for all the tools and accessories you need to feel comfortable out on the water.

The included carrying strap that canceling over your shoulder makes it even more comfortable use, and helps to avoid you feeling like this soft sided tackle bag is too heavy to carry down to the water.

This tackle box very clearly borrowed inspiration from tool chests your find in garages all over the world, with a number of slide out trays, pop open tops, and individual storage compartments that you can take advantage of really easily.

Three transparent tackle trays are included and designed to slide into the bottom compartment of this tackle box, with an open bay tackle storage with a single divider up on top. A number of mini covered pockets are built into the actual top of the tackle box as well, giving you easy access to pieces of tackle and accessories you need to have close at hand.

All in all, this is a great option for beginners and is one of the more budget friendly options money can buy – though you might find yourself outgrowing it sooner rather than later.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, there are a lot of great tackle box options available for sale right now.Anglers have never had this good, with access to super high quality gear that isn’t going to cost a small fortune – equipment designed to help them enjoy their time out on the water even more than they would have otherwise.

All of the top 10 options we highlighted above are definitely worth a closer look. Make sure that you start your search for the best tackle box with these recommendations in mind!