bass fishing for beginners

Bass Fishing for Beginners

For beginners, bass fishing may seem a bit intimidating. But bass fishing is not that complicated if you know how to do it in the right way. It can be a rewarding experience to try bass fishing. You will feel real excitement when you catch the first trophy in your life.

Soon, pursuing these brown and green fish will become your passion. This post is about bass fishing for beginners. If you are in love with bass fishing, you have come to the right place.

Where and how to fish

First, you have to choose a place where you are going to fish for bass. When it comes to bass fishing for beginners, this is the first step to take. Most people start bass fishing from a dock or from shore. Nothing is wrong with that. But if you can use a small boat or a kayak, bass fishing will be more enjoyable for you. But if you do not have access to them, do not worry. There are a lot of other options.

Bass fishing from shore

When it comes to bass fishing for beginners, fishing from shore is an amazing experience. It’s easy, and it does not require a lot of equipment. Just your rod, some tackle, and reel will do. First, you should try places like boat ramps, parks, and bridge overpasses.

There are some techniques that will make bank fishing easier and more enjoyable for you. An obvious choice can be fishing snapper bait around vegetation. If you are fishing in a place which is deep, you can try pitching your Texas rig or a Senko to the hiding places.

From a dock

You will still enjoy bass fishing if you do it from a boat dock. But in this case, you will have to stay far from the bank. When it comes to bass fishing for beginners, fishing from a dock is a good thing. If you look at the weed growth, you may find some edges or clumps.

You should also notice the depth changes. For catching bass, you will find some great places at drop offs. If there are other docks near your dock, casting can be practiced under those docks. You can use a Senko to do that. If you are interested in bass fishing for beginners, you can apply this technique.

When approaching the neighboring docks, you should be courteous and polite. If you think that you will not get snagged if you cast under a dock, avoid casting it.

The gear

Bass fishing for beginners requires preparation regarding fishing gear. There are some items you should not forget to pack before you begin the journey. Take your time and figure out what you need to take with you. Among other items, you should bring a fishing rod, a casting line, a casting line, and various types of lures.

These are the most important items for bass fishing for beginners. But there are a lot of other things that will make your trip enjoyable. Making a difference depends on what gear you are taking with you. Take as many items as you can, so that you do not miss something when you are fishing.

The reel and the rod

In order to learn more about bass fishing for beginners, you must have experience with reels and spinning rods. To get started, you need a reel and a baitcasting rod. With this combo, you will be able to use heavy line and cast heavy lures. When you need to deal with fighting fish and dense vegetation, a quality rod and a good reel can be your source of power.

When it comes to bass fishing for beginners, there is a learning curve. If you learn some important things about baitcasting, your fishing trip will be more enjoyable. In order to learn the basics of fishing, it is a good idea to practice it in your backyard. After practicing it for a couple of days, you can start doing the real thing.

Items you may overlook

We have already mentioned that bass fishing for beginners requires a lot of fishing gear. But there are some items that many people forget, and remember when it is too late. Below we are going to list some of these items. It is completely up to you which items you should take. But we hope this list will be helpful for bass fishing for beginners:

  • Landing net or lip grippers
  • Lure retriever
  • Polarized sunglasses and sunblock
  • Small towel or rag
  • Needle nose pliers
  • First aid kit
  • A knife
  • Hook remover
  • Flash light
  • Clippers
  • Camera
  • Extra fishing line
  • Pre-made leaders
  • Fish scale
  • Measuring device

Techniques for great results

When it comes to bass fishing for beginners, there are many important things to learn. You have to learn techniques the way a basketball player learn techniques. These techniques will make you a master angler.

We are going to discuss the key techniques below. These tips will help you enjoy your fishing trip, and enable you to compete in tournaments. Anybody interested in bass fishing for beginners will find these tips useful.

Pitching and flipping

Sometimes bass fish will hide, and to have any luck, you will have to change your strategies. Entering stealth mode can be very helpful in these cases. If you are interested in bass fishing for beginners, you must learn some techniques.

If you find that bass fish are being shy, freaking them out is the worst thing you can do. Pitching and flipping is a great technique to avoid spooking them. These methods are not very difficult. The instance determines which method you employ. With some practice, you will master the technique over time. Bass fishing for beginners is more fun when you know the right techniques.

Pitching is a very easy technique, but it is less accurate than flipping. Enough line should be let out, and you have to make sure that the length of the line is the same as that of the reel. A person interested in bass fishing for beginners should be familiar with pitching and flipping.

On the reel spool, press your thumb. Make sure that the rod tip is lowered to the water. Then, the worm should be let go smoothly. Then swing the rod tip. After that, from your reel spool, you have to lift your thumb.

When we talk about bass fishing for beginners, flipping is another great technique. Yes, you will need some more practice to apply flipping, but it is a more accurate technique. Before you close the reel, let out about 12-15 feet of the line. When you pull on the line, before you extend your arm, you have to grab the line.

Top water

Any bass angler will tell you that the use of top water bait excites them. To learn more about bass fishing for beginners, you have to learn some important things about top water bait.

When you hear the sounds of a lure and spot a fish, you will feel excited. Noticing a fish striking the bait can be an exhilarating experience. You can choose from a lot of top water baits. Poppers, jitterbugs and frogs can be used as baits. It is pretty easy to use jitterbugs.

Crank baits

To get reflex for a bass, many anglers use crankbaits. These baits do not work the same way as top water baits. But you must be careful about presentation and noise when you are using crankbaits. When it comes to bass fishing for beginners, learning about crankbaits is important.

There are many reasons why tournament anglers are in love with crankbaits. The first reason is that you can cover a large area with crankbaits. If you are fishing around stumps, logs and rocks, crank baits are very effective. This is another important thing to know about bass fishing for beginners.

Crank baits are a type of teasing lure. In order to catch the attention of the bass, you have to reel rapidly. Then you have to pause and let the bait rise. You need to reel up before you halt again.

Spinner baits

If you are interested in bass fishing for beginners, you have to know that spinner baits are not as easy to master as crankbaits. The main reason is that the lure of spinner bait is not designed to attract the fish. But if you can hook a bass, the fish will find it almost impossible to toss the bait.

If you can use the technique in the proper way, spinner baits can be effective in all situations. And you can use them any time of the year. If you are interested in bass fishing for beginners, this is an important thing to know.

Tossing spinner bait near a drop off is a great way to use the bait. When you reel in, toss the bait a few times. You have to reel slowly, allowing the bait to swim through the water. The bait will swim higher if you reel in quickly.

Bass fishing tips and tricks

Bass fishing for beginners is more enjoyable when you follow some tips and tricks. Below we are going to provide some tips that will make it easier for you to fish for bass. With the implementation of these tips, you can quickly reach your goals. You will really enjoy your fishing trip if you take these tips seriously.

Do not let rod ends stick together

You can divide most fishing rods into a few pieces. There is a reason why you can do it: you can transport and store fishing rods easily when you can divide them. But the rod ends, known as ferrules, sometimes get tangled. If it happens, you will face some problems. When it comes to bass fishing for beginners, this is an important thing to remember.

To stop them from sticking together, you can do a simple thing. Take some melted wax and apply a thin layer of it on the ferrules. If you do it properly, the rod ends will not stick together. For this purpose, you can use beeswax candle. This simple trick will make bass fishing for beginners more enjoyable.

Easy way to cut braided line

Many inexperienced anglers end up damaging so many line clippers and scissors. That is why you should learn how to cut braided line if you are interested in bass fishing for beginners. In most cases, it is not a very good idea to use line clippers and scissors to do it.

Using a magnet bag snipper is a better idea. If you use their blades, you will find it easier to slice through the line. A plastic mail opener can also help you get the job done.

Holding onto fish guts

Having some fish guts in your garbage is not a good experience at all. Bass fishing for beginners can turn into a nightmare if something is not done about it. Before you tie the guts tightly, place them inside some plastic bags.

Then keep those plastic bags in your freezer. Keep them there until garbage day. The guts will not start to rot, and you will not have to deal with disgusting smells. This is another useful tip on bass fishing for beginners.

fishing for beginners. Even when you are trying hard to win in a tournament, you must notice whether you are really enjoying what you are doing. Hopefully the tips provided in this post will help you enjoy your fishing trip.

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