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7 Baitcast Reel Problems and Solutions

No matter how much you care about your baitcast reel, fixing and repairing may come in the long run. That sometimes you need to have it fixed by professionals and set everything back in good condition.

Problems are common everywhere and baitcast reels are no exception. Since your fishing line is exposed to different weather conditions, it can be damaged, broken or worn out at any time. There are different styles of a reel which also have different unwanted flaws but this does not mean you can’t do anything.

While most issues are complicated, some fixes are fairly simple. Maintenance is the key.  It is easy to solve baitcast reel problems if you have an idea what the causes are. That is something you will be learning today.

7 Most Common Baitcast Reel Problems

Baitcast Reel Problem #1: Not Suitable Reel Lines

There are different line sizes you can use for your fishing reel. Sometimes, it can be too big or too small. Others are also too light and too heavy to use. When baitcast reel problems become the line, you can experience tangling along the way. You will also find it difficult to cast properly.

In this case, it is important to follow everything that the manufacturer recommends. There is also information you can find on the spool of the reel. Don’t forget to ask the experts for sure.

Baitcast Reel Problem #2: Damaged Paw

Paw is a part of a baitcasting reel that will collect the most dirt. It is also something that is easy to get corroded. Over time, it will damage the paw the whole lot. The thing cannot move smoothly when dirt and rust attacks. It can cause stripy baitcast reel and users will find it hard to cast and reel properly.

Damaged paw is one of the most challenging baitcast reel problems as cleaning a corroded part is quite hard. Most of the time, anglers have to replace the paw with a new one for a fresher functionality. It is better to clean and maintain this part regularly.

Baitcast Reel Problem #3: Old Bearings

Baitcast reels have bearings but they do get old too. When things are old especially the bearings, working may not be that good enough. Dirt and grit are some of the reasons why bearings wear out. In fact, it can cause serious damage to the gear itself. It can even degrade the performance of the tool and shorten its lifespan.

Baitcast reel problems like old or damaged bearings need to be addressed quickly. Remember that bearings are like important as it can reduce wear and friction while improving efficiency. It needs to avoid overheating for smooth operation. Always use cleaner and grease to maintain the bearing’s performance.

Baitcast Reel Problem #4: Backlash

Tangled or twisted fishing line is so much annoying. This is what you can experience when you such kind of baitcast reel problems. If you are spoiling new line but not good enough, it can often lose line distribution. Line twists occur when the lure spins in the water. A bird’s nest will create a big mess that can ruin the entire casting moment unless you are good at fixing it.

Having baitcast reel problems like backlash can be solved in no time by unwinding the old line that comes out through the spool. You can apply the new line after and start fishing again. You can use professional machines to do this or do it manually if you can.

Baitcast Reel Problem #5: Broken Level Wind

Level wind is the other essential part of a fishing reel that can gather grit and dirt in the long run. It can make the reel and spool stop moving by clogging the moving parts. The worst thing is that it can be broken when remaining unnoticed. Just like any other internal and external parts of the tool, level wind needs to be taken good care.

One of the best solutions you can find for this kind of baitcast reel problems is cleaning. It is better to clean your device before and after use. Sometimes you need to disassemble the level and assemble it back. If this doesn’t help, replace the old level wind with the new one. It can cost money but it can surely make things better.

Baitcast Reel Problem #6: Over Lubricated Reel

Lubrication is important for the smooth run of your reel. It should be done on a regular basis for a better and satisfying result. However, too much lubricant can cause baitcast reel problems and is not any more helpful. It can get stuck on the bearings causing to clog and slow down the function. If this happens, you will need to make an intimidating turn as you need to put a lot of pressure in order to turn the handle around.

Baitcast reel problems like this only need warm water to get the bearings cleaned up. You can also use a brush to remove the dirt out. Bear in mind that when it comes to lubricating your reel, do it in an average way. Follow the manufacturer’s direction every time you apply.

Baitcast Reel Problem #7: Worn Out Reel Parts

No matter how good your baitcast reel is working, time will come it will become tired and exhausted. One of the most common reasons for this kind of baitcast reel problems is overuse. Anything that is being used too much will never last. It can badly wear out the parts that you will lose control over casting. Fighting fish can also wear out manufacturer issued parts.

Replacing the parts might be a good answer but upgrading the internal mechanics will work best. It can help the gear serve anglers even longer in high performance.

When baitcast reel problems come your way, work on it quickly. Or make things even worse.

These are just a few baitcast reel problems to mention. There are many others. By applying a regular maintenance schedule, cleaning and care, you can prevent all of these.

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